Current Project: Sources on Aristotelian Science

I currently develop a catalogue website for registering, browsing and connecting sources on Aristotelian science. The project is funded by the Representation and Reality Project in Gothenburg.

During my PhD I have surveyed existing catalogues on sources on Aristotle's De anima, and I have also discovered some unknown sources. The purpose of the current project is to present these sources to the general public.

But it is more general than that. The main objectives are:

  • It must be possible to register and categorize all types of Aristotelian commentaries and related genres.
  • It must be possible for accepted contributors to add material within their field of expertise.
  • It must reflect and incorporate the data of the bigger and more general Scholastical Commentaries and Texts Archive.

It will therefore serve as a general catalogue on sources to the Aristotelian science.

The first public version of the catalogue will be made available in the Spring of 2019.